Baggage Handler Falls Asleep In Cargo Hold, Wakes Up In Chicago

A baggage handler got to work hungover from drinking the night before, so he decided to take a nap on an airplane – that took him all the way to Chicago.

By DAVID on November 1, 2018
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

A baggage handler decided to take a quick nap while either loading or unloading baggage on an airplane. The problem there was that he woke up in Chicago, but luckily was unharmed.

The baggage handler apparently had been drinking the night before, and had a hangover when he got to work. He decided he would take a nap in the airplane, thinking he had plenty of time to sleep it off. He found a comfortable spot that was hidden from a quick inspection, and got to snoozing. Turns out it may have been a little too comfortable, since he slept all the way through the rest of the loading process. He also apparently slept through takeoff, and ended up riding to Chicago.

The cargo area of the plane is pressurized and heated, so the man was perfectly fine upon his arrival. He also apparently was able to hold still and didn’t bounce or slide around at all during the flight, which was only an hour long. Chicago police as well as the FBI all interviewed the man, who admitted to the whole thing. He was drinking the previous night, had a hangover, and decided to nap in the plane after he got to work. He’s currently suspended from his duties while the airline is investigating. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever taken a nap? See some more on the story here.

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