Big Dog Rides BART Train Like Human – On Two Legs [PIC]

A man saw a dog riding BART in Oakland, but what was unusual about this sighting is that the dog was standing on two legs to fit in.

By DAVID on August 17, 2018
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

A great dane – that’s a big dog. It happened in Oakland, and was caught on camera. The train was crowded, as it normally is, and one passenger stood out over the others, literally. The great dane was riding the train, and standing on two legs the whole time.

The doggo started out like a normal dog, actually, standing on his 4 feet. But as passengers started boarding, the pup couldn’t get a good spot to sit down. That’s when his owner gave the command to “stand up.” Without hesitation, the dog hopped up, resting his front paws on its owner. The dog was actually standing, on command, on two feet.

Some responses shared the excitement of the sight. Some users were making punny jokes as well as complimenting the pup:

And others were concerned for the dog’s health. Specifically, whether or not it was ok on the dog’s hips/back to stand like that. Which is a great point, I’m not dog anatomy expert, so I can’t say.

Unfortunately on BART’s website, it does say that “animals at-large or on a leash or harness (other than service dogs) are not allowed.” But, if anyone of you have ever ridden BART, you know that the rules are followed so… Well…? lol. Here’s some more information on the story.

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