Brad Paisley Prefers Being Funny To Being Cool: ‘It’s Exhausting’

Brad Paisley is open about his love of comedy. He prefers humor over trying to be cool: ‘I love being able to entertain people in ways that take them by surprise.’

By Admin on March 14, 2018
brad paisley
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Brad Paisley isn’t a stranger to the comedy scene. He hosted a stand-up comedy show at Wild West Comedy Festival since 2015. He also has his own Netflix comedy special.

Brad told the Boot that he loves bringing an element of comedy to his songwriting and stand-up to his live shows:

“There are moments where I’ll mess with the audience. I’ll grab someone’s cell phone or whatever. It’s meant to be funny. It’s never meant to be all that serious. I like being able to have an audience that might not necessarily expect that. I love being able to entertain people in ways that take them by surprise.”

He also said that, as an artist, having a sense of humor is sometimes necessary:

“I definitely diffuse with humor. It’s exhausting for me to try to be cool. For example, there’s always a little bit of playing dress-up that goes along with being an artist. You get a stylist, and all of the sudden, you’re wearing things you’d otherwise never wear. You’re wearing cowboy hats and stuff, and you’ve just got to think, ‘I thought we were supposed to be authentic in this format!’

“There’s very few George Straits out there who really do rope and ride all day, so for the vast majority of us, we’re playing dress-up a little. And it feels sacred and important to be able to have a sense of humor about that.”

Brad then went on to share a funny story that happened at the ACMs one year as he was all dressed up:

“Once, at the ACMs, I was just sitting there and I thought I looked good. Then I noticed Jason Aldean looking over at me and cracking up. So I look down, and there’s a tag that reads 30/34, running down the entire length of my jeans. Whoops.”

Brad was quick to laugh along with Jason, though:

“One of my favorite expressions is that if you’re going to laugh about something later, you might as well laugh about it now. And that’s hard to do with 30/34 running all the way down your leg! But comedy is tragedy plus time, right?”

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