Turns Out This Holiday Loving Country Crooner Is Allergic To Christmas Trees

By Admin on December 4, 2017

Brett Eldredge is not shy about his love for Christmas—he’s released holiday albums, songs, and made multiple appearances on holiday-based specials.

What A Bummer For A Christmas Lover

So what’s one of the saddest allergies you can think of for a Christmas lover? An allergy to a Christmas tree. But it turns out that’s exactly what Brett Eldredge developed in his adult years.

Brett told Sounds Like Nashville:

“Last year I got a full-blown giant freighter for a Christmas tree and I got allergic to it. And two days after [it was] in the place, two days in, I’m sneezing, I got a sore throat. And I’m like, ‘What in the world?’ Low and behold, it was the Christmas tree.

I was so heartbroken because I always wanted to have my own Christmas tree, a real one, in my house. I had one growing up, but [I wanted one in] my own place.

So my Christmas dreams were broken and I went and got a really, really cool fake one. And that’s fine, I’ll just get candles that smell like Christmas trees I guess,” he conceded.

Such a bummer, but it could always be way worse. At least he was able to find a good alternative.

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