What’s The One Item Carly Pearce Can’t Tour Without?

Carly Pearce revealed in an interview the one item that she always has to pack with her when she’s on the road. Any guesses?

By Admin on April 5, 2018
carly pearce
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV)

Carly Pearce is going to be on tour for most of 2018 – and she wants it that way!

Pop Culture asked her what her must-have item is when she’s traveling for shows:

“Running shoes! I’m a big runner so I always have to do that. I’ve kind of found a new love in running arena stairs. So we’ll see if I keep that up as I keep going this summer.”

Apart from that, she also never wants to run out of her hair products:

“I pack a whole different duffel bag full of hair products. I feel like all the ladies understand that, and it’s super fun to be on a bus because you can pack all the clothes you want and just hang them in the closet.”

Carly is so excited to hit the road with Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan, and Rascal Flatts:

“I’m the only girl on every one of those tours. To have the opportunity to go out with one of those powerhouses, let alone all of them, getting to be exposed to all their different audiences, and to be the female that they thought of when they thought of having some girl power out on their tours. That they thought of me, I feel like in a year, I’m going to sit and just look at you and be like, ‘I don’t understand.’

She continued:

“I’m huge fans of all these people. It’s been hard for me at these press conferences when we announce tours to not freak out and be a fan girl because I grew up going to Rascal Flatts concerts. I have every Blake Shelton album. I’m a huge fan of Luke. I love Thomas Rhett. I mean, it’s crazy. It’s four of the biggest tours of the year.”

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