Carrie Underwood Gives Details On New Album ‘Cry Pretty’

Carrie Underwood revealed what to expect on her first album in three years, ‘Cry Pretty.’ She said to expect lots of emotion.

By Admin on August 9, 2018
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Carrie Underwood is getting ready to release her first album in three long years, Cry Pretty.

The singer already announced the Cry Pretty Tour 360, which is getting fans revved up for the record. She’s waiting until May to kick off the tour because she’s pregnant with her second child!

To hold over fans until the Sept. 14 official release date, Underwood provided some details on what to expect.

“It’s a little more real life and, I feel like, just me and where I am in my life,” she told The Boot. “Having a kid, and just kind of going through this crazy life that we go through — I’ve grown up a lot, and I feel like ‘the drama’ is more real-life.”

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 I don’t think I kill anybody off on this album,” Underwood joked. “I know! It’s so unlike me. Everybody lives at the end.”

Don’t expect any collaborations on the new album, either. Though the record does feature outside musicians, there aren’t any “straight-up, duet-type” features.

“I feel like we just threw the rulebook out the window and went where the music wanted us to go,” the country star continued. “There’s a lot of emotion on the album, a lot of soulfulness. We have a little fun, too, but it’s just something I’m very proud of, because I feel like I’m more in this album than I’ve ever been before.”

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