Cat And Chicken Form Unlikey Friendship To Survive The Carr Fire

By Admin on August 2, 2018
Cat and chicken, Carr Fire, California Fires (Photo by: Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)
(Photo by: Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)

In tragic events, we all try to find a piece of good news to hold onto. And this is one of those feel good for at least a little bit story. Crews helping out in Grass Valley during the Carr fire found a chicken and a cat huddled up together in a neighborhood.

According to Fox 40, they were together in front of a home. Both of them had burn injuries from the the Carr fire. Firefighters were able to get them into a crate, together, and take them to a nearby vet.

Both the cat and chicken are expected to make full recoveries.  Hopefully someone recognizes them, or they are able to be adopted…together of course.

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