Celebrities Accused Of Being….Nice?

It sounds like Robin Williams WAS the guy you’d hope he was…

By Doug Lazy on November 13, 2017

There have, of course, been some horrific allegations lately against some very high-profile celebrities, truly ugly things that may leave you questioning whether you can ever fully put your faith in or look up to anyone famous. And while that, unfortunately, is probably a good idea, it’s still nice to hear when someone rich and famous exceeds your expectations and actually does something kind.

For Cody, it would be Stephen Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith.

We were at an American Idol press tour in a large conference hall for a Q&A with that season’s judges, which included Stephen Tyler. Suddenly, all the radio people were ushered out of the hall and into a separate room and for a few minutes we didn’t know what was going on. We thought we were being excluded from the event in favor of TV and print media. But then in walked Stephen, and he spent the next hour conducting individual interviews with each radio person there. When it was my turn, he couldn’t have been more sweet or personable. Later, we found out from his ‘people’ that he has a long-time appreciation for radio and people who work in radio, and he just wanted to give them a little more than they expected.”

For Pat, it was George Clooney. “About ten years ago my mom and dad were at a fundraiser for George Clooney’s dad, Nick Clooney. My dad worked in television and radio with Nick for years in Cincinnati and they were good friends. George was there and was already a big star but when it came time, he didn’t just take a picture with my mom, he ended up talking to her for ten minutes about a bunch of different stuff, including the then-still-pretty good Sacramento Kings. He said he was a Laker fan and she told him, ‘Kings rule, Lakers drool“.

For me, it’d have to Russell Johnson, who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island. He lived in the small county across from Seattle where I worked in radio at the time and I recognized him at a store. I introduced myself, told him I grew up watching his show, and asked if he could sign something for a golf tournament my radio station had scheduled. He asked when it was, and when I told him the date, he asked if I’d like him to come out. Of course! He showed up with a stack of 8×10 photos and did a meet and greet with everyone after the dinner and could not have been nicer.”

A Twitter user called @Bakkooonn was also bothered by all these terrible celebrity stories so they started the following thread, which has since gotten, as you can see, over 8500 replies. Click the link below to read the encounters, which include everything from unexpected words of encouragement from Carrie Fisher to a story about Robin Williams threatening to beat the crap out of a man who was harassing a homeless person in San Francisco.

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