This Classic 171 Year Old Candy Might Be Going Away Forever

By Admin on April 11, 2018
Necco Wafer (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Turner)
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Turner)

I have to be honest, I will not miss Necco Wafers if they truly disappear. Not even the conversation hearts because, while fun, they are gross. But, Necco lovers are freaking out at the fact the the 171 year old candy could be going away forever.

Today reports that the company is having trouble finding a buyer. And, if they don’t by summer, they will likely have to lay off all employees. Now, that last part is a bummer and I do care about that.

Additionally, people are trying to profit from the potential closure via the interwebs. They are selling Necco Wafers and Conversation Hearts at double the price on eBay.

Will you miss the chalky little candy circles? Or the classic Valentine’s Day sweetheart treats?

Real question though—do these and Tums taste exactly alike?

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