Cody’s ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Spoilerless Review

I definitely didn’t hate Last Jedi. Let me say that 1st and foremost.

By Cody Briana on December 15, 2017
(Photo By: Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)

I definitely didn’t hate Last Jedi. Let me say that 1st and foremost. If you plan on going this weekend, do it. Though, I don’t think the movie was as great as critics made it out to be. It’s definitely a family film. Very Disney. Just like Force Awakens. There are jokes and characters geared toward kids, which was cute. However, it didn’t have as much grit as Rogue One. And as a 28-year-old adult, that’s what I wanted.

I’m aware most action films are like this these days, but Last Jedi was too fast-paced for my tastes. My mind and eyes were all over the place. The writers even introduced a few new characters, who I didn’t necessarily love, to an already jam-packed cast. I don’t think they spent enough time on them either. Rogue One had a way of connecting you emotionally with the characters. This one, not so much.

The good news is there are surprises! They weren’t at all what I was expecting. I had a few guesses as to what would happened, and I was wrong. They didn’t leave me crying or anything, but I like what they did. I also loved Kylo Ren’s part! His character was given more depth, and Adam Driver did a great job with it. So that made me happy, considering he’s my favorite!

To be fair, I’m a tough critic. Take my review with a grain of salt. I swear I’m a Star Wars fan, which makes me more picky, unfortunately. I just want the best for the series! You’ll have fun no matter what. Get the family together and be entertained while eating ridiculously overpriced popcorn.

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