College Professor Offers Thanksgiving Dinner To Her Students….All Of Them

By kncipat on November 30, 2020
Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

A communications professor at the University Of Iowa offered up Thanksgiving Dinner to her students. As in all of them. Elizabeth Pearce who goes by Professor Liz has been teaching most of her students virtually this semester. She’s seen struggles, loneliness with some of her students even testing positive for Covid. One week before Thanksgiving she sent the following email to her class:

“Good morning. I know this has been a difficult time for a lot of you. Some of you have had Covid, some of you are currently in quarantine, and some of you may not be able to go home for Thanksgiving as you have family members who are socially distancing. I don’t want anyone to feel alone at Thanksgiving or to miss out on a homecooked family dinner, so I want to invite you to share my Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve talked to my kids and we would be happy to make extra portions of everything and drop it by your apartment or residence (as long as it’s within a 20 miles radius). Since we’re all socially distancing we would leave it outside and not have physical contact with you. I truly want you to take me up on this offer if you are in town. As I mentioned, my kids have been socially distancing and we will make the food wearing masks to reduce the likelihood of anything being spread. My youngest daughter is vegan so there’ll be a vegan option. Check the menu below. And if you are socially distancing with a roommate or significant other, I’ll be happy to drop off two or even three portions.”

One of Professor Liz’s students, Leah Blask, was so moved by her teacher’s kindness that she shared the email on twitter saying, “My professor is absolutely too pure for this world.” The tweet now stands at over 900,000 likes and hundreds of supportive comments.

Liz says she admires her students. Many, she says, are doing the course work while sick. Others have lost part time jobs. “I think they’re juggling a lot of difficult fights right now. And in talking with the students I just felt like maybe they needed a big of a pick-me-up.”

Thank you Liz for being the good and reminding us that it’s called Thanksgiving for a reason. 

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