Country Musical Looking for Young George Strait, and It Could Be YOU!

By Pacey on June 1, 2018
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

A new country musical is looking for its George Strait. According to a press release, Tennessee Whiskey: The Musicalis on the hunt for their own King of Country.

“If we’ve learned anything from shows like The Voice and American Idol, it’s that great singers come from everywhere and may not always have the opportunity to live in a major city for casting,” says Dewy Moss, the musical’s writer and producer. “The character of George Strait is integral to our show and sings some very famous songs, and the fans will want to hear an authentic country singer. So we’re excited to start this national talent search.”

While Strait is a major character in the musical, the show actually centers around songwriter Dean Dillon, who has penned many of the singer’s iconic hits. According to the musical’s website, Tennessee Whiskey: The Musical is a show “about the rise of a songwriting icon, his personal struggles with alcoholism and drugs that almost ended his life, and his ultimate redemption and success.” It promises to be an emotional story told in a way that only country music can capture.

If you want to represent the young George Straight in this musical, click here.

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