Customers Buy All Donuts From Shop So Owner Has More Time With Sick Wife

A man owns a donut shop here in California with his wife who recently had a medical emergency, so his customers buy out his stock daily so he can leave early to be with her.

By DAVID on November 7, 2018
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

What a sweet story this is. Customers are going to this guy’s donut shop, every day. They’re buying out his entire inventory, just so he can close early and spend time with his sick wife. How cool!

John Chhan and Stella, his wife, own a donut shop. It’s located in Seal Beach, CA, and it’s called Donut City. They’ve been running the shop for about 30 years now, and it’s a local favorite, clearly. Unfortunately, Stella had a brain aneurysm last month, and is now living in a nursing home. With the bills piling up, John had to get back to work and make the donuts. At first, he had to spend much of his time in the shop away from his wife. His sister-in-law came to help out, and the two started cranking out the dough.

But then customers started learning about what’s going on. They started showing up early, and buying more donuts than usual. Then more and more donuts were selling. All his customers, who have been shopping there for years, are helping John out. THey’re buying out his entire inventory of donuts so he can head back to his wife, and spend time with her. The shop opens at 4:30, and usually around 7:30, he’s sold-out. Such a touching story, and you can see a lot more of their story over here.

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