If Your Dad’s An NFL Kicker Do NOT Let Him Into Your Kickball Game! (Watch And See Where The Ball Lands)

Graham Gano, placekicker for the Carolina Panthers, should not be allowed to play kickball

By kncipat on June 13, 2018
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Graham Gano is the placekicker for the Carolina Panthers.  He’s good.  Very good.  Besides being a 2017 Pro Bowl selection he’s nailed several kicks of 52 yards or more.   When Graham got home 2 days ago his wife Brittany and their 2 kids were playing a friendly game of kickball.  Graham wanted to join in.  According to foxnews.com Graham’s young son had one rule: “Just don’t kick it hard dad.”  What do you think happened next?

Thanks a lot dad.  Now you’re gonna have to go over and knock on the crabby guy’s door to get our ball back.

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