The Most Delicious Traffic Accident [PIC]

A very ironic incident happened on Chocolate Chip Cookie Day this week, and it involved a traffic accident and a lot of wasted cookie dough.

By DAVID on May 17, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It wasn’t a crash, but it was the most delicious traffic incident ever, and it happened on a very ironic day. A couple days ago (May 15th) was Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. That day also just so happened to be the day a truck full of cookie dough would lose its load. Yes, a literal truck full of chocolate chip cookie dough spilled all over the road. On Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

It happened in North Carolina. The dough was presumably being transported to a bakery to be made into tasty treats. Apparently the roll-up door on the truck opened (or was never closed). That cause the giant bins of cookie dough (I’ll never get tired of saying that) to roll out of the truck. Once the bins hit the road, a lot of them tipped over. The dough, now spilled across the road and shut down traffic for many hours. It was only 80 degrees where it happened, so rather than making giant cookies, well, the load was just wasted, unfortunately. Here’s a picture of the scene:

That guy with the shovel though – I mean, how could you not enjoy cleaning that up. I mean, you probably wouldn’t want to eat the stuff, but how could you be mad at that situation? I wouldn’t mind shoveling cookie dough for an hour just to say I got to. They’re like giant spoons. Nobody was hurt, so it’s ok to laugh, but I’m still sad about the wasted dough. See a little more about the spill here.

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