Delta Rae Wasn’t Expecting Their Own EP Release

‘The Blackbird Sessions’ was unexpectedly finished in a day.

By Admin on December 19, 2017
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Sony Music)

Delta Rae hit the studio earlier this year to record one song, “Silent Night,” and ended up leaving with an entire EP.

Band member Eric Holljes spoke to Billboard about they the group surprised themselves with how quickly the EP, The Blackbird Sessions, came to fruition:

“It came together so quickly – within the past few weeks, really. We went into the studio at the end of November to record one song – ‘Silent Night’ – as a partner track to our current single ‘No Peace In Quiet.’ We went into the studio, and I think we had about ten or twelve hours.”

With a whole day at Blackbird Studios in Music City booked, the band started to contemplate what else they could work on after they knocked out “Silent Night”:

“We actually finished ‘Silent Night’ a little bit early. We still had all of this extra time in the studio, and it’s Blackbird Studios. We started brainstorming really quickly about what else could be done, and it all came together very quickly.

“We talked about what cover songs we could record, and The Eagles had been on our mind all year with the passing of Glenn Frey. ‘Seven Bridges Road’ had become such an iconic song for our band. We started every show with that. It’s like a southern hymn, and we just loved it. But we never had recorded it. So, we cut that. And, since we were at Blackbird, we thought the Blackbird song by the Beatles would be a good one to cover. We tracked that one in about two hours, and then we wanted to cut a Celtic piano/acoustic version of ‘No Peace In Quiet’ with our friend Gideon Klein, who plays fiddle.

“It all came together very quickly. We walked out with four mixes, and were listening to the music over Thanksgiving. We played it for the label, and they said that we needed to put it out by the end of the year. Everyone just rallied together, and it turned out well. I’m excited for people to hear what we were able to capture with it.”

Delta Rae has some exciting plans for 2018 with major tours and performances planned.

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