Disneyland Just Shared Their Halloween Popcorn Bucket Designs!

By Admin on August 10, 2018
Disneyland, Halloween Time at Disneyland (Photo by Kellie Warren-Underwood/Disney Parks via Getty Images)
(Photo by Kellie Warren-Underwood/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

I know a ton of people who swear by Halloween Time at Disneyland. And one of the best parts about it are all of the cute Halloween-themed souvenir items. Of course, that includes the them park’s ever-popular popcorn buckets. And if you missed out on theΒ Oogie Boogie bucket last year because of the long lines and high demand, you have another shot in 2018!

That’s right, the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired popcorn bucket is back at Disneyland this year starting in September. But, there’s also another design that you can choose from…and probably wait in a long line for. Because let’s be real, that seems to be the trend with these things. Check out the new poison cauldron bucket. It has a hidden Mickey in there somewhere, according to Delish.


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