Disneyland Visitors Are Waiting In Line For Hours To Get This Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket

By Admin on April 26, 2018
Disneyland Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket Alien Popcorn Bucket (Photo by Joshua Sudockl/Disney Resorts via Getty Images)
(Photo by Joshua Sudockl/Disney Resorts via Getty Images)

If there’s one thing I know about Disney lover, it’s that they are dedicated. So, I’m not surprised that Disneyland visitors have reportedly been waiting in line for hours for the newest popcorn bucket.

Pixar Fest Alien Popcorn Buckets

It makes even more sense, because right now the only people who can buy these souvenirs are annual pass holders. The Toy Story themed alien popcorn bucket costs $20, but gets owners $1 refills through mid-June.


So, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not wait in line for an alien popcorn bucket. But, more power to you if you would. On that note, how long would you wait in line for one of these guys? Tell me in the comments below!

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