Dog Thinks Swimming Girl Is Drowning, Pulls Her Out Of Ocean [VIDEO]

A very good boy indeed “saved” this girl from her splashing in the ocean, because he thought she was in trouble after getting hit by a wave.

By DAVID on August 14, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A little girl was playing in the ocean when a dog thought she was in danger, and pulled her out. The girl was never in any sort of trouble, but the rescue dog didn’t take any chances.

The dog belongs to the girl’s grandparents, who were right there watching the girl themselves. She is seen splashing around while the dog watches from shore. A rogue wave comes in and goes over her head, and the dog decides to act. He ran into the water, grabbed the girl gently by her t-shirt, and pulled her all the way out of the water onto the beach.

Obviously the girl was in no danger at all, as you can clearly see. She was giggling the entire time, thinking it was funny. The dog though, a very good boy, certainly deserves some scratches. I can only hope my dog would spring into action like that. She’s a good guard dog, but still hasn’t brought that ball back from across the yard yet. Source.

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