Doggie Shoplifter Caught On Camera At Multiple Stores

A dog shoplifter (an actual dog, not a dog-stealing person) was caught on camera stealing clothes from two stores, and a mall cafeteria.

By DAVID on November 20, 2018
(Photo by Paula Bronstein /Getty Images)

This dog is just about ninja-level stealth when it comes to shoplifting for the latest trends. He or she was caught on camera at a couple stores perusing the latest threads. Then, the dog takes the garment it picked out, and out the door it goes.

A mall in Turkey started hearing complaints from stores that there was a dog going around shoplifting. Thanks to the wonderful world of security cameras, we have the action forever online, and can enjoy those videos. Look, shoplifting is wrong, totally. But when a dog is doing it, there’s just something funny about it. Check out the video just below.

First, the dog is seen sneaking into a store and grabbing a t-shirt off the table, then running off. Next, the dog goes up to a table where there’s a chair with a shawl on the back. I’m assuming that it was either forgotten, ot the person was sitting just out of view of the camera. Anyway, the dog not only grabs the shawl and runs off, but it actually stops to fold it, making it easier to carry. Hilarious, I’m sorry.

Next, the dog is seen trying to enter a department store through the automatic doors. It clearly knows how they work, since the dog was waiting patiently. Once in the store, it runs up to another table display with shirts. The pup grabs a pink one, and tries to run out before being caught by someone in the store. It puts up a good fight, but finally runs off.

Cutest shoplifter ever, am I right? Mall management acknowledges that there are some stray dogs that live near the mall, but they never cause trouble. At least not until now. Management paid the stores for the lost inventory. See some more here.

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