Some Dogs Don’t Graduate TSA School, And You Can Adopt Them

I had no idea that the actual TSA, yes the airport people, have a dog adoption program for puppers that don’t make it through their doggo school.

By DAVID on August 20, 2018
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Dogs are very useful little creatures. Besides giving us some of the best friendships we could ask for, they’re quite good at other jobs, like police duty, or TSA assisting.

Dogs that are given jobs go through a sort of school and certification process. Sometimes, while they may still be very good dogs, they don’t graduate. Seeing eye dogs maybe get distracted by other smells or things. Some of the TSA dogs failed their classes because they’re “too nice.” “Too nice” might sound like a pretty awesome dog, but when their job is to search for drugs or weapons, that’s a problem. Other dogs are nervous, and some are too active. A couple of them had some potty issues and were hard to housebreak.

Those dogs are still highly trained, they just didn’t meet the “requirements” for duties related to their job. They can be adopted, and this article walks you through how that can be done. The TSA has their own adoption program. That’s new to me, I had no idea they did that. They have criteria you have to meet, like having a fenced in yard, no plans to move, etc. Applications are first-come, first-served, so you might have to wait for a pup to become available. If you’re interested, check out some more info here.

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