Dogs’ Sense of Direction Better Than Anyone Imagined (And You’ll Never Guess How We Know)

By kncitom on September 17, 2018
Why is this dog smiling? Because he knows more than you think he does (photo by Tom Mailey)

We all know dogs’ senses are very acute but apparently they’re even more fine-tuned than anyone knew…

According to a brand new study published in the journal “Frontiers of Zoology“, dogs have the ability to zero in on the earth’s magnetic fields and they demonstrate it every time they drop a deuce.

This study–which was conducted by researchers with apparently nothing else to do–studied 70 dogs comprising 37 breeds for two years ….and after watching them go #1 5,582 times and #2 1,893 times, they determined that dogs almost always align themselves north/south …and almost never in an east/west configuration. The only exception was if there was something screwy with the earth’s magnetic field that day.

The research doesn’t say why dogs do this but honestly, do we really need to know?

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