Don’t Call It Old Sacramento Anymore—City Re-Brands Old Sac With New Name And Tagline

By Admin on August 24, 2018
Old Sac, Old Sacramento, Old Sacramento Waterfront (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Yeah, I’m gonna be honest. Probably still going to just call it Old Sac because it’s easier and I’m old and hate change. But, the distric officially has a new name and tagline—Old Sacramento Waterfront. I mean, it’s still kind of the same but just longer. Personally, if you’re going to re-brand go all in. Just call it Sacramento Waterfront or The Waterfront.

Wednesday they announced the change and had a big shindig to celebrate the new name and tagline: Come find it.

Developer Terry Harvego told KCRA that the new name better encapsulates the district.

“Our former identity didn’t really embrace one thing and that was that we are the front door to the Sacramento River — it’s right behind it,” he said. “Our new brand, ‘Old Sacramento Waterfront’ describes it all.”

So what do you think about the change?

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