Downtown Disney Is Opening Its First Brewery

By Admin on January 26, 2018
Downtown Disney (Photo by Richard Harbaugh/Disney Parks via Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Harbaugh/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Beer makes everything better—even the happiest place on Earth! Which is good, because Downtown Disney’s set to open their first brewery. And it’s a good brewery, too.

According to Delish, Ballast Point Brewing is opening a location in Downtown Disney by the end of 2018. And it’s happening soon — like, before the end of 2018.

The brewery will be over 7,000 square feet and serve San Diego-inspired foods and beer exclusive to Disneyland.

So, I seriously need to get to the park. I haven’t ever been. But with the opening of a brewery AND Star Wars World, 2018 seems like the perfect time. Oh, and those ridiculous looking Crazy Shakes.


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