Dreams Come True: Capital Christian Center’s Evening Of Dreams Is Saturday

By kncitom on May 18, 2018

It is easily the best thing Pat, Cody and I get asked to do: Saturday night May 19th we will once again be lucky enough to host Capital Christian Center’s Evening of Dreams.

Yes, we do clean up nice

Evening of Dreams (this will be the 9th annual) pairs young men and women with physical and/or mental disabilities with so-called Students Of Influence–athletes and other “leaders” who are juniors or seniors at high schools around the region unselfishly donating their time to attend. In fact, they’re quite eager to participate: every March there is an official start date and time for students to register to be chaperons, and every year, the 100 or so slots are gone almost as quickly as they become available–even though registration opens at midnight!

The students arrive with their dates in classic cars and together they walk (or sometimes roll…or dance) up a red carpet, past bleachers full of cheering friends and family as Pat, Cody and I read their names over a PA. Then, they enter the CCC gymnasium and for the rest of the night, it’s on! There’s music, dancing, games, contests (and last year…mermaids) and an evening that started out as a dream turns into a night none of the participants will ever forget.

Here are a few pictures from last year’s red carpet, starting with Pat’s son Lucas, who used to chaperone when he was in high school and is still so taken with Evening of Dreams that he shows up to help…even though he’s now a junior in college!

If you want to see something truly inspiring, feel free to come out as the attendees walk the carpet. It all gets underway about 5. If you can’t make it, we will be live streaming some of the event on our FB page so check it out if you have a chance.

Lucas helping attendee Brittany Gaines into her wheelchair

The red carpet

It’s their moment to shine

And shine they do


And loved. By everyone.



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