Dropping Your Pants Will Never Get You Out Of Being Arrested

A man stole a gold necklace from another man, and his escape plan involved running into “an area” and pretending to, uh, defecate.

By DAVID on June 19, 2018
(Photoby Taro Karibe/Getty Images)

Neither will pretending to poop, as in this guy’s situation. A guy was running from the scene of where he stole something, and in effort to elude police, he dropped his pants and pretended to poo?

So this guy, named Marlon, stole a guy’s necklace – strike 1. The victim had been sitting in a car when the theft occurred. Marlon allegedly ran up to the car, grabbed the guy’s necklace, and took off running. The victim quickly notified police, and then the police took off running after the guy. Apparently they were close by, which is strike 2 for this dumb crook. Marlon then ran into “an area.” We’re not sure what the area was, but that’s where it happened.

The “area” in question is apparently a good place to pretend to poop, because that’s exactly what Marlon did. We’re assuming it was in some sort of public bathroom, otherwise there probably would have been some other charges added. Marlon thought that if he were to pretend to poo, the police would be dumb enough to fall for it. Well, they’re pros for a reason. They quickly caught Marlon with his pants down, and booked him into jail. He told the judge who charged him with larceny that he would never do it again. “Your Honour, I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever do it again,” he said. See some more on the story over here.

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