El Dorado Hills Named The Friendliest City In The United States

And it was a top 10 city to raise a family, too!

By kmvq on November 17, 2017


Well heck, if you’re looking to surround yourself with some friendly places, apparently you need to take a trip to El Doraldo Hills. The city east of Sacramento ranked number one on the Friendliest Places in the United States list according to Business Insider.



I am sure that the residents of El Dorado Hills are super nice and friendly, but this list was created with data from Nextdoor and not everyone is on that app. If you don’t know, Nextdoor is a website you can be invited to that gives you access to a neighborhood forum and let’s you interact with surrounding neighbors. Now, I want to take a sneak peak at the friendliest city’s Nextdoor forum because mine is pretty much full of complaints and loose dog alerts.



El Dorado Hills was also the only city in California to make the list. It is worth noting that Nextdoor only looked at 1,000 small metro areas.



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