Elementary School Basketball Team In North Highlands Gets Amazing Gift

By kncipat on March 11, 2020
Photo credit should read Brett McGinnis / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

F.C. Joyce Elementary School in North Highlands is about to begin their basketball season. 30% of the students are either homeless or in foster care, 100% are on government assisted lunch. The coach of the team was having a conversation with a friend that many of kids did not even have sneakers.  In fact one of the kids trying out for the team, was trying out in the only shoes he had.  They were slippers.  The coach’s conversation reached a guy named Tom Tran.  Tom and his buddy Mr. Hill in 3 days got together over 100 pair of new sneakers, socks, some new basketballs and gym bags. 

Thanks to our partner KCRA 3 for the story.  To see the kids, their reactions and their coach check out the video here




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