In An Extreme Case Of Blaming The Dog…

A man was caught in a bad situation, and rather than owning up to his mistake he tried to blame the dog, much to the officer’s disbelief.

By DAVID on June 26, 2018
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

We’ve all blamed something on the dog. Whether is was a broken item we discovered when we got home, someone passed gas (that’s the obvious one), or when we were kids and made a mess somewhere. Point finger at dog, sit back and bathe in our “innocence” shower. This guy though, well, he took blaming the dog to the extreme.

Enter bar. No, really, the guy went to the bar, and had several drinks too many. As he was driving home, naturally, he was pulled over. The officer noted on the report that the guy was obviously drunk. He had the glassed-over eyes that were bloodshot. There was an open bottle of rum on the seat next to him. He could barely speak, nevermind talking straight. Moreso, there was an “obvious and distinct odor” coming from within the car. Basically, the guy smelled like a bar towel from Cinco de Mayo. Here’s where it gets interesting. The guy asked to be taken by his home first, rather than going straight to jail.

Now, we don’t think the police paused the field sobriety testing to take the guy by his house first. That’s not exactly protocol for a DUI arrest. They were probably curious as to why he wanted to go home though, and eventually got the answer. The man was going to blame his dog for driving. He actually wanted to pin the erratic, drunk driving on his dog. “He then stated he wasn’t driving the vehicle but it was…actually his dog,” says an investigator. The man was arrested with a blood alcohol level three-times the legal limit, and won’t be getting any treats before bedtime. See some more on the story here. This will be his 4th DUI, by the way. No word on how many the dog has.

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