Fire Isn’t The Best Way To Remove A Snake From Your Home

A man was trying to get rid of a snake at his home with some gasoline, and you can probably fill the rest in.

By DAVID on June 22, 2018
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

I can think of at least 2 other ways to get rid of a snake that don’t involve fire. Neither of which will destroy your home. Most of which involve professionals. Though you could say this method did involve professionals, they were just professional fire fighters.

So, unlike the lady who had the snake in her air vent, this guy had the snake in his home. He was actually outside of his home when the fire happened, so luckily nothing inside was damaged. A man was mowing his lawn when he spotted the snake. No word on what sort of snake it was, but come on, it’s a snake, does it matter? The man clearly was not planning on finishing the lawn until the snake was gone, so he started wondering about how to get rid of it.

Gasoline! He was already mowing his lawn, why not get some gas, spray it on the snake, and maybe it’ll slither off. I’d book it out of town if someone were spraying me with gas, maybe it’s similar logic. ANyway, long story short, the gas hit the mower. When the gas hit the mower, it started a fire. The fire spread through the dry grass the man was cutting, and got to the house. The house was made from wood, so the fire quickly engulfed the wall, spreading to the second story, then the attic.

Luckily the fire was taken care of before the house was destroyed, but he’s going to need some siding and a roof. Morale of the story – don’t use gasoline to try and get rid of a snake. Not only is it a waste of gas (that stuff is expensive!), it’s probably going to burn your house down. See some more here.

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