Free Beer If The Browns Actually Win A Game!

By kncipat on August 14, 2018
Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images

There will be plenty to celebrate and plenty of free beer to celebrate with if and when the Browns win!  The Cleveland Browns have not won a regular season game in almost 600 days.  Bud Lite has installed victory fridges full of beer throughout Cleveland. says the “Victory Fridges” are filled with beer and will unlock when (and if) the Browns win a regular season game.

First, the last time the Browns won was Christmas Eve of 2017.   Second, this is the same town that had 10-cent beer night for their baseball team.  That game had to be forfeited in the 9th inning because the crowd was out of control.   Here’s hoping for a win and a peaceful celebration.  Wonder what the odds are of getting one of these installed for Kings games?!

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