Garth Announces Massive Concert Event At Drive-Ins Nationwide

Participating theaters will be announced Monday

By kncitom on June 11, 2020
WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 04: Garth Brooks (C) and members of his band perform at The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize tribute concert at DAR Constitution Hall on March 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

Brilliant and very welcome news from Garth Brooks. This morning on Good Morning America he announced that he will perform a one night concert, June 27th on 300 drive-in screens across the country and “North America”.

Tickets will go on sale June 19th and will be $100-but that includes everyone you can cram into your car, truck or SUV.

In a statement, Garth said, “This drive-in concert allows us all to get back to playing live music without the uncertainty of what would be the result to us as a community. This is old school, new school, and perfect for the time we are in.”

Kieth Urban was the first artist to perform on a drive-in screen, a one-off in Nashville in April. And there have been several smaller such concerts on a localized basis. But this is the first time a major act has done something on a national scale. 

According to Encore Live all of the participating Drive-In Theaters will be announced at 9am this coming Monday. Let’s hope West Wind here in Sacramento is one of them. 




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