Gas Tax Takes Effect On Wednesday—Here’s What It Means For Your Wallet

The extra price per gallon in taxes really adds up.

By Doug Lazy on October 30, 2017


When looking at an average 15 gallon tank and a $3.00 average per gallon of gas, the added cost of a fill up is about $2.00. According to CBS 13, if you fill up twice a week you’ll end up paying around $200 more a year.

Another way to think about it—the added cost offsets two and a half AVERAGE shopping trips at Wal-Mart.

There is a $.12 addition per gallon, but that’s not the only tax you pay. There’s also the two cents per gallon storage fee, a local sales tax $0.09 per gallon, a levy collected by only 5 other states, and the current federal tax of $0.18, and the total gas tax comes to $0.72 cents. That makes California the state with the second highest tax on gas, coming in $.05 behind Pennsylvania.

Over the next 10 years, the additional tax is expected to bring in $52 billion which is supposed to be used for road repairs.


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