Larry Gatlin Searching For His Stolen Grammy Award: Will Pay, No Questions Asked

Someone stole the Grammy Award Larry Gatlin won for his hit song, “Broken Lady,” in the 90s. However, he’s now working with Angie Hicks to start a new company that will help get it back.

By austind03 on June 28, 2018
Larry Gatlin, Angie Hicks, No Questions Asked, Broken Lady, Grammy Award
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Larry Gatlin won the Grammy Award for Best Country Song for his hit, “Broken Lady,” in 1977. However, someone stole his trophy in the 90s from the Gatlin Bros. Music City Grille, and Gatlin is now trying his hardest to get his award back.

According to The Boot, the country singer gave a statement to the Tennessean explaining that he expects the thief to come forward. He said:

“In this charged, heated atmosphere of politics that we live in … where I believe that very little is viewed through the prism of what is true and what is right and wrong … I have a question for someone in America out there. You have Larry Gatlin’s Grammy for “Broken Lady” for Song of the Year. It’s on your mantel or somewhere in your house. What do you tell people when they come over and ask you how you got Larry Gatlin’s Grammy?”

Although he seems pretty upset about the situation, he wants to make it easy for whoever has it. He’s willing to pay for the award’s return, but there will be no questions asked. He explained:

“I’ll give you a written statement that I won’t prosecute you. You can just say you bought it at a pawn shop.”

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On top of all this, he’s also working with Angie Hicks, co-founder of Angie’s List, to start a new business called No Questions Asked. He hopes the service will return stolen items to their owners. He described the way the company would work, saying:

“You pay $100, Angie takes $10. You ship it to a warehouse and no one knows where it came from.”

Outside of the Grammy Award, Gatlin is also looking for black leather Manuel coat with his name inside. While we don’t know how successful he will be in getting his items back, we wish Larry Gatlin the best of luck.

Head right here to learn more. Also, let us know in the comments if you think his business is a good idea or if it might encourage more theft.

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