A Very Good Dog Rescues Seven Kittens [VIDEO]

This Husky, named Banner, was a very good girl when she found, and then took great care of, seven kittens left in a box in the woods.

By DAVID on July 16, 2018
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Sometimes animals just know when there’s trouble. This husky, named Banner, is a great example of when animals just know. She saved 7 kittens who were apparently dropped off in a box in the woods one day.

Whitney Braley is in a wheelchair. Her service dog, Banner, was suddenly very upset one day. She kept tugging on Whitney’s dress, leading to the door, wanting to go outside. Banner wasn’t listening to her usual commands, and it was very clear that something was wrong. After letting Banner outside, Whitney was led to the woods. Banner kept tugging on her dress trying to get her to follow. Whitney found Banner a little farther in the woods “circling” a cardboard box.

Whitney got to the box and opened the lid. As soon as the lid was off, Banner “dived straight in” and grabbed a white newborn kitten. She pulled the cat out, and Whitney found 6 more inside the box, nearly dead. They got the cats back to their home, where Banner took to them like a new parent. She cleaned the cats, slept with them, and as best she could, took care of them as if they were her own. See some more info here.

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