Governor Newsom Loosens Stay-At-Home Restrictions for Dine-In Restaurants and More

By Pacey on May 12, 2020
(Photo by mark peterson/Corbis via Getty Images)

The governor has announced that in order for dine-in restaurants to be allowed to open, they must follow theses guidelines:

    • Have disposable menus or post menus online so diners can view them on their own devices


    • Cutlery, napkins and cups should not be “pre-set” on the table before diners sit down


    • Avoid use of shared condiments (salt shakers, ketchup, etc.)


    • Pre-roll utensils in napkins before giving them to customers


    • Takeout containers for leftovers must be filled by customers (not kitchen or wait staff)


    • Thoroughly clean tables, chairs, etc. after each group’s use


    • No table-side food preparation (such as for guacamole)


  • Bar areas inside restaurants should stay closed

Diners are also encouraged wear masks inside restaurants when they aren’t eating.\

These rules are set for counties that have been approved to loosen these restrictions.

The governor also announced loosened restrictions for shopping malls and offices.

Click here for the entire list of loosened restrictions.

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