Grocery Store Worker Who Helped Autistic Teen Gets Huge Surprise! (Video)

Jordan Taylor just wants to help people. He’s about to get a whole lot of help!

By kncipat on August 7, 2018
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Last week Louisiana grocery store worker Jordan Taylor let autistic teen Jack Ryan help him restock a cooler.  The story went viral in a big way.  Jack’s dad and sister shared the story on all fronts of social media.  For his part 20 year old Jordan said he was just being himself.  He wanted to help somebody else out and was surprised to get so much national attention.  Today Jordan got an even bigger surprise.  Jack’s sister found out that Jordan liked math and hoped to one day be a teacher. So she helped set up a Gofundme page last Friday to raise money to help send Jordan to college.  The goal was to raise $10,000.  That was surpassed before Friday was over.  Jack’s sister raised the goal to $100,000.  Today Jordan will be handed over $117,000 to go to college.  Bravo!  And you can still donate simply by clicking here. 



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