Guy Gets Decked On Stage Singing “Sweet Caroline” [VIDEO]

By Cody Briana on January 2, 2019
(Photo By: Roger Kisby / Getty Images)

Hate Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”? You’re not alone, apparently. Jay Murray was playing a set at the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, a venue that The Beatles played back in the day, and in the middle of a cover of “Sweet Caroline” when a complete stranger bulldozed him on stage! The guy also gave him a swift kick to the ribs. Why? No one knows. The singer later revealed what happening after filming stopped.

“So I’m finally a celeb on social media it’s kinda funny what happened it happened so fast the fucker could have had a knife and I would have never felt it,” Murray wrote on Facebook. “Thank God he didn’t cheers to all my “mates” who shared it… I’m OK just saw red so I gave him a hiding, knuckles killing me now. The prick was crying like a baby apologizing to me. Moral of story be nice to one and other. Happy New Year. There is no need for that kind of senseless stupidity.”

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