The Hawaii Volcano Kilauea Ranks In 10 Most Dangerous In US

Kilauea, the volcano in Hawaii, ranks in the top-10 most dangerous volcanoes in America, and one of the others on the list is in Northern California.

By DAVID on May 18, 2018
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Do we even have 10 volcanoes in America? Actually yeah, there are about 169 total volcanoes in the United States. Betcha didn’t know that, didya? Kilauea in Hawaii moved up in rankings to be among the top-10 most dangerous in the country. We’ll tell you about the others.

Kilauea has always been pretty active. It’s had various-sized eruptions pretty commonly. In the past 66 years, it’s erupted 34 times. Usually a smaller lava flow, but this recent activity the past couple weeks has been extraordinarily bad. It’s been destroying homes, property, and unfortunately has been taking lives. It first started becoming active May 3rd when the lava started flowing. Its last major eruption happened in 1924 where there were “more than 50 explosions over two and a half weeks.” Scientists have already been looking at things and have noticed similarities between then and now.

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Coming in after Kilauea is Mount St. Helens up in Washington State. It hasn’t been active sine it’s explosion in 1980, though it has the capability of becoming a massive problem. Especially if there’s a lot of pressure building under the surface. The 1980 eruption came after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. After Mount St. Helens, we have Mount Rainier, also in Washington. It’s the same sort of volcano as Mount St. Helens, but there hasn’t been any activity with that one for over 1,000 years, they say. Also making the list, our own Mount Shasta. This isn’t an immediate threat, they say it only erupts once every 700 years or so. Scientists think its last eruption was somewhere around 200 years ago.

So overall, there’s no real reason to panic about any of these volcanoes. The point of this article was to just mention the potential hazard they would be if they were to become active. At the moment, there haven’t been any warning signs that scientists have mentioned or noticed. Check out some of the other top-10 American volcano list and info here.

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