Here Are The Flights Most Likely To Be Delayed At The Sacramento Airport

These tips might help you avoid delays or at least be prepared for them.

By kmvq on November 16, 2017


45 flights out of or into Sacramento International Airport (SMF) were chronically delayed (30 minutes or more) during certain months between August of last year and this year.

The good news is that if you travel to or from SMF before 9 AM you should be relatively safe, as there were no chronically delayed flights in that time frame, according to KCRA.

If you want to avoid delays, you might want to catch an earlier flight as those after 6 PM were most likely to be delayed.

The not so good news it that Southwest had 27 flights that were chronically delayed, which is the most of any airline.

More bad news if you travel to Newark or LA, as these cities saw the longest delays and most delays respectively.

Now that we are in holiday travel time I think flight times are kind of up in the air (pun intended), but with recent changes to security, your best bet is to get there early. Just download some movies or podcasts and try to relax.


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