Here’s The Most Adorable Porch Pirate Ever

This is the most adorable porch pirate ever, if you ever thought that phrase would be something you heard – something about 4-legged thieves is just entertaining.

By DAVID on December 13, 2018
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Porch pirates are annoying. They’re basically the reason why I don’t trust mail delivery any more. Remember how it used to be potential credit card scams or sellers disappearing after we pay for something? Nope, now it’s people coming up to my porch stealing a package that has a hat for my cat. Jokes on them, I guess. It’s still on me, really. Insert crying emoji here.

ANYWAY, this porch pirate is the cutest thing ever. I mean, it’s still annoying, but come on. The homeowner was noticing that packages they had delivered were disappearing without a trace. That is until a day or two later when they would find the destroyed boxes in the yard. Finally, they caught the thief on camera, and probably let out a collective “d’awww.” Their neighbor’s dog had been coming over and playing with the packages.

As annoyed as I would be, I would still probably give this a pass. I mean, keep your dog in your yard, really, but looking at the neighborhood, it’s pretty rural. I guess dogs just get out sometimes – it happens. It’s still odd and funny though that the dog would just wander on over and grab the package and run off. It’s like it KNEW it was doing something wrong. They just know, don’t they? Anyway, check out some more on the story here.

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