Ice Cream, Doughnuts, Cocktails, And Specialty Meals ALL In One Place? Hello!

If you like Ice Cream, Doughnuts and Cocktails this is the place for you!

By kncipat on June 19, 2018
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Two delicious places right next to each other: Beauty + Bounty, and Milk Money. One is a restaurant that will offer lots of cheeses, sausages,  specialty meals including plenty of vegan dishes and cocktails. The other will feature what they call a “gangsta-a$$ ice cream and donut shop.”

So when can you stop in and sample what might be the most diverse menus in Sacramento? According to, Beauty + Bounty’s grand opening will be July 9th, and Milk Money will be serving desserts from a common kitchen. They’ll be side by side in what used to be the Orchard Supply building on R Street.  Both will be open 7 days a week from 8am — 10pm and check this out.  Milk Money (think donuts and ice cream) says it might stay open past 10p through a go-to window if the demand is there.

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