IMPACT: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s ‘The Rest of Our Life’

“It’s hard to believe we’ve never done a full album together.”

By Doug Lazy on November 15, 2017

By Annie Reuter

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will release their first-ever collaborative album, The Rest of Our Life, on November 17. The project features 11 tracks including the CMA Award-nominated first single, “Speak to a Girl” and the Ed Sheeran co-penned “The Rest of Our Life.”

“It’s hard to believe we’ve never done a full album together,” Tim McGraw tells “Recording it was a very special experience for us. It’s a lot more than just duets. We really dug deep and we wanted to tell a story with this record.”

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Current single, “The Rest of Your Life” serves as the album opener and McGraw compliments the song’s “simple imagery” and the way it details a relationship’s lifespan.

“The whole beginning of how simply someone decides they want to ask someone to marry them and ask someone to spend the rest of their life together. You can see the beginning of a relationship, you can feel the middle of the relationship and you can think about the last part of a relationship as you grow old together,” he explains. “I think that tells a great story and it certainly relates to us. For us, we felt that way immediately when we first started dating and we had long conversations about that, what we wanted our life to be like, how we wanted our kids to be raised. We laugh all the time about getting old together and watching TV.”

Faith Hill then jumps in, detailing her fondness for the song and giving a little insight into her relationship with McGraw.

“That’s what happens when you find the one,” she reflects. “You see your entire life in front of you and immediately you feel a security and a foundation that you feel like, despite anything that happens, that comes our way in life, we’re going to be able to handle it because we have a partner now. To me that’s what hit me the strongest about ‘The Rest of Our Life.'”


Another song that has personal meaning to McGraw and Hill is the upbeat “Telluride.” Written by Jon Randall and Jessi Alexander, it was as if the song was tailor-made for the country couple. While McGraw says the youthful spirit of the song reminds him of his early days as a musician on the road playing clubs and cruising down the road in a van, he also likens it to early tours with Hill.

“It brings it back to Faith and I because I had a ’71 Cutlass when we first started touring together. I used to pull it around on a trailer behind my bus and we’d go for rides in that car when we first started dating,” he recalls.

“One particular ride, I remember that was really special, we were playing in L.A. and then we had a show in San Diego. Instead of riding the bus down, we decided we were going to take the Cutlass and take the top down and cruise all the way down to San Diego.”

“It was freezing!” Hill chimes in.

“We stopped at truck stops and got some sweatshirts and we were listening to mixes of Faith’s new record and we listened to Alanis Morissette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ too, cranked up. We barely made it in time to the show,” McGraw adds wistfully.


It’s hard for the couple to pick a favorite track from the project, but Hill shares that one of her favorite moments during their current Soul2Soul World Tour includes performing a new song called “Break First.”

“It’s a continuation of a single we had a few years ago, ‘Like We Never Loved At All,'” she explains “It’s this really dramatic love song. ‘Break First’ always felt like it was part two to that story.”

A powerful ballad of a former couple trying to move on from each other and pretending they aren’t still in love, “Break First” is one of the standout songs on The Rest of Our Life. Fans will get to see the couple perform the song live throughout their world tour, which was recently extended into 2018, as well as on their first-ever album together, The Rest of Our Life, out Nov. 17.


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