Inmates Try To Run From Courtroom, Judge Chases Them Down

A couple inmates tried to escape a courtroom, still in handcuffs, and got chased down by the actual Judge presiding the case.

By karlibenoit on October 24, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Inmates don’t want to be inmates, that’s probably a safe assumption. But trying to run out of a courtroom while handcuffed is a new level of desperation, one that doesn’t end well for these two.

Judge Buzzard was presiding a case involving these two inmates. There were four inmates total in the courtroom at the time. The two in question were ordered to go back to jail. Just before being led out of the room, they both took off running. The Judge looked over to the officer who was holding the other two inmates, and decides to take off after the runners. He dropped his robe and followed the two out of the courtroom. One of the inmates fell and lost a shoe, slowing him down slightly. They entered the stairwell, and Judge Buzzard was able to catch one of them. The other was later caught by another officer a couple blocks away.

Judge Buzzard says “I was shocked at first… I didn’t know what to think.” This isn’t the first sort of “scuffle” Judge Buzzard had to get involved with though. Back in April he had to break up a fight after a litigant attacked a lawyer. That’s now he knew to drop his robe – he discovered that it really limits your range of motion. The two inmates were captured, and face a longer sentence for their escape attempt. Duh! See the original story here.

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