Jelly Roll Window Sticker Leads To Surprising Call

It wasn’t the reason we were expecting (it was much better than that)

By kncitom on October 19, 2023

When Cody snapped a pic of a Jelly Roll window decal on the back of a truck in South Sacramento, she posted it on our social media platforms because, hey, why not shout out a big fan of one of our genre’s hottest artists? 

We talked about it a few times on the air as well, jokingly speculating who the driver might be and why he was a such a big fan.

There’s a funny thing about radio and social media: they both reach a lot of people (duh). But still, we take nothing for granted and we were, admittedly, a bit surprised when Bobby called in and said he was the guy. And then he explained the reason for the decal went way beyond just being a rabid fan.

Bobby told us Jelly’s music saved his life.

“Basically…I’ve been four years sober as of Oct 5th” he told us. “Listening to his music really helped me”. 

And while the sticker does declare that he is a big fan of Jelly, it’s actually there for a much deeper reason. “I put that sticker on the back of my truck just to raise awareness, (for anyone) who doesn’t know who Jelly Roll is.”

We asked what song of Jelly’s hit closest to home with him and he mentioned “Heaven”, which was something Jelly recorded before his mainstream country career took off and – *heads up if you’re going to listen to it*- it’s pretty vulgar and raw. But if you can get past that, the song’s message is one many people in the throes of addiction can relate to 

I’ve been runnin’ with the losers on the bottom with the scumI ain’t got a problem with it ’cause the bottom’s where I’m from

Hear more of our chat with Bobby, and how he is faring 4 years into sobriety, by clicking the link below. And if you’re struggling with addiction. There is help, and there is hope. Find your inspiration, then find your strength, and like Bobby, you can prevail too. 

(To take that first step, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration’s hotline at 1-800-662-4357)



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