Jif Peanut Butter Releases Gif Peanut Butter

By kncipat on February 25, 2020

Well that settles it.  Apparently I’ve been mispronouncing the name of my favorite peanut butter.  Jif is releasing a limited supply of Gif peanut butter.  When Steve Wilhite created the Gif back in 1987 he meant for it to be pronounced Jiff.  However we all got ahold of it and Gif stuck.  The last time peanut butter got into an argument it ran into chocolate and the result was pretty amazing.  Here’s what I know for sure.  A 40 oz jar of Jif will run you about 5 and a half bucks.  The limited edition Gif (same tasty product inside), same size jar will cost you 10 bucks and will be available on Amazon starting March 1st which is national peanut butter lover’s day.  No matter how you pronounce it pass the peanut butter.  I’m hungry! 

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