Jon Pardi Is All Of Us When An Item Is Sold Out At The Store [Video]

By Admin on December 21, 2017

I get it Jon Pardi, I do. For me, no coffee compares to Donut Shop Regular. It’s just the best. For Jon, it is Kroger Brand Columbia Brew.

And when he realizes it’s sold out, it brings him to his knees. Then he does that thing we all do—look harder because surely it’ll appear if we do.

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Then, I normally go up and down the aisles looking on the end caps just in case it’s on sale. Followed by looking in the entire aisle in case someone hid an item to buy it later.

I bet if Kroger sees this, they will send Jon Pardi a ton of coffee.  The perk (pun intended) of being a celebrity.

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