Jon Pardi’s mom Checks In About Becoming a Grandma

But 2 days before, there was a bit of a scare

By kncitom on February 23, 2023
Photo courtesy: Shelly Harrington

Jon and Summer Pardi became parents for the first time on February 18. And right there to welcome new little girl Presley Fawn to world was first-time grandmother Shelly Harrington, Jon’s mom. 

Shelly flew in from her home in Yolo county in the days prior to Presley’s arrival and revealed that just two days before, Summer had to be hospitalized. “The poor thing got a flu bug…and she went in the hospital and then she stayed there (until Presley was born). She left on Sunday.”

Shelly said it was “the most amazing experience I’ve ever been through, other than my own children”, and told us there is nothing like “seeing your child holding their child”.

Shelly was outside the delivery room with Summer’s parents when Jon came out laughing and said “Oh my God look at her arms, she’s gonna be a basketball player!” 

Jon, Summer and baby Presley are all doing fine and you can hear more of our quick chat with Shelly, including what is already making Jon tear up daily about his new daughter, by clicking below. Congrats to the whole family!!




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