Jordan Davis Talks The ‘Rewarding’ Creation Of ‘Home State’

Reflecting back on ‘Home State,’ Jordan Davis is still a little in awe: ‘It’s been a long five-year process. It’s been a fun one, though.’

By Admin on March 28, 2018
jordan davis
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CRS)

Jordan Davis’ debut album, Home State, required some moving around. He left Louisiana for Nashville and proceeded on the five-year journey to create the album.

Jordan left everything in order to pursue his dream. He told Sounds Like Nashville:

“I moved to town just to write songs. I never thought I’d be recording records. But I’ve always written kind of for myself. I’ve always wrote songs like, ‘What would I say and how would I say it and how would I sing it.’ I kind of started writing for a record, [but] I just didn’t know it.

“Two or three years down the line, I started realizing that making an album was a real possibility and then that kind of changed a little bit, but not much. I mean, you know the writing, the way I wrote songs, never really changed. I guess there’s just a different mindset when you go into write. It’s been a long five-year process. It’s been a fun one though. It’s been the most fun and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. It’s just been cool.”

The country star has a soft spot for the last track on the album, “Leaving New Orleans”:

“‘Leaving New Orleans’ is the last song on the record. And that one’s really special to me. I love New Orleans, [and] I’m just really proud of how we wrote it. And just the whole production of it, I just feel like we really captured what that song is. I would have to say that one is the baby of the record.”

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