Judge Forces David Copperfield To Reveal The Secret Behind One Of His Biggest Tricks

By Admin on April 19, 2018
David Copperfield Sued Magic Lucky 13 (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Ride of Fame)
(Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Ride of Fame)

Turns out, sometimes a magician has to reveal his secrets. Like when a judge in Las Vegas demands you have to do so as part of a court case. David Copperfield has been embroiled in a lawsuit for years. In 2013 Gavin Cox attended one of the magicians shows and claims he was injured during a disappearing trick.

David Copperfield Reveals The Secret To His Trick

So what happened? Gavin was one of  the volunteers for “Lucky #13.” During the trick, 13 people come up on stage, a curtain is draped around them, and when it drops…SURPRISE. They gone.

While Copperfield argued that revealing the secret to the trick would cost him money, the Las Vegas judge was like, nah dude. So many people already know it from being a part of it that you just have to tell us.

You’ve probably already guessed that there was a network of secret tunnels the volunteers used. If you hadn’t guessed that, well, that’s how it was done. It seems as though Gavin fell during Lucky 13 and was injured. He claims his medical bills exceed $400,000 so far, according to SF Gate.

MGM, where the shows took place, is also part of the suit. They claim that Gavin tripped rather than slipped on anything, meaning they aren’t to blame. The suit against the casino/hotel and David Copperfield continues. But, two things have been revealed during the trial—the sorcery being Lucky 13 and that magic isn’t real.

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